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Introduction to AstroChain

Identified Problems

The space enthusiast and astronomy academia community have long faced major problems over the years.

In the world of space and astronomy, there are four major problems that are currently faced by both space enthusiasts and the academic community. These problems are:

  1. Lack of credible space anomaly images and data for the retail public: Many amateur space enthusiasts and photographers are unable to share their work with the wider public due to the lack of credible platforms for them to do so. This results in the general public missing out on the incredible images and data that are being captured by these amateur enthusiasts.
  2. High level of difficulty for the retail public to protect their personally captured space anomaly assets: With the lack of credible platforms, space enthusiasts and photographers are often unable to protect their images and data from being stolen or used without their consent. This results in a loss of income for them and a decrease in the overall quality of content available to the public.
  3. Loss of public trust due to unreliable and inaccurate existing platforms: The current platforms for space enthusiasts and photographers are often unreliable and inaccurate, leading to a loss of public trust in the content that is being shared. This can have a negative impact on the growth and development of the space and astronomy community as a whole.
  4. Social media fatigue and no current metaverse presence for space enthusiasts or astro academics: With social media fatigue becoming a widespread problem, there is a need for a new platform for space enthusiasts and astro academics to connect and share their work. This need is further exacerbated by the lack of a metaverse presence for these communities, making it difficult for them to engage with each other and with the wider public.

At AstroChain, we are committed to addressing these problems and creating a new ecosystem for the space and astronomy community. Our ATC NFTs, AstroFeed, AstroHub and metaverse presence provide a new and innovative way for space enthusiasts and astro academics to connect, share their work and protect their assets. Join us as we explore the cosmos and take the first steps towards a new and exciting future for space and astronomy.