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AstroHub Devices

Revenue Share Model

The AstroChain revenue share model will allow NFT holders to earn a percentage of the AstroHubs revenue through staking their ATC NFTs.

AstroHub Revenue Sharing Model Example

Imagine you own an ATC NFT in the "Star" category. By staking this NFT against one of our AstroHubs, you would become a co-owner of that hub and receive a share of its revenue.
For example, if the hub generates $1000 in revenue each month and there are 100 stakers, you would receive $10 in revenue that month. The revenue generated from the AstroHubs is a combination of the booking fees for observing time and the sales of the NFTs minted from the observations.

This secondary program provides additional benefits for those who hold ATC NFTs and want to support the growth of the AstroChain ecosystem. By staking your NFT, you not only secure your ownership of a unique and valuable asset, but also have the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue generated by the AstroHubs. Additionally, as more AstroHubs are deployed and more people use them to observe and mint NFTs, the value of the NFTs and the revenue generated from the AstroHubs is likely to increase, providing long-term benefits for those who participate in the revenue sharing program.


In conclusion, AstroHubs are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in the field of astrophotography and astronomical observation. By booking one of these devices, users have the opportunity to capture unique and valuable anomalies in the sky, and turn that data into a one-of-a-kind NFT. With its sensitive equipment, including fisheye cameras, pan tilt focus, temperature gauges and passive radar, housed in weather-resistant casing, AstroHubs produce high-resolution video data that is unparalleled in its quality. Additionally, the potential revenue-sharing model that may be introduced in the future through the staking of ATC NFTs against an AstroHub makes this an even more attractive opportunity for users. To take advantage of this phase of the project and to be prepared for the future possibilities, it is highly recommended for users to get hold of ATC NFTs.