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Introduction to AstroChain

Exploring AstroChain

Our mission is to provide a trusted and innovative platform that empowers the astronomy community and celebrates the beauty of the universe.

AstroChain Components

AstroChain's interactive ecosystem is dedicated to deliver on our ''education through astronomy'' scientific research goals. Our network includes a decentralised app (dApp) providing an NFT AstroFeed, AstroHUB sky scanning devices, and metaverse experiences at the AstroChain Central Hub (ACC).

1 - The AstroFeed dApp

AstroFeed is a decentralized app (dApp) that provides a space for astrophotographers to share their observations and experiences. It is a content sharing platform that allows astrophotographers to share their work with a community of like-minded individuals.

With the ability to mint photos and short videos into NFTs, astrophotographers receive a verified timestamp that proves the authenticity of their work on the Blockchain. The platform also offers a royalty program, enabling photographers to receive fair compensation for their creations and fostering a supportive community among those who invest in their art. Utilising the AstroFeed, astrophotographers can safeguard their content from theft or unauthorized use, ensuring that their hard work is properly credited and represented.

2 - AstroHub Devices

AstroHubs are tools designed for observing astronomical events. They scan the sky to capture and record anomalies, which are then provided to users as NFTs. Users can book a time slot to own the footage captured during that time via a dApp. The data is stored on the IPFS network to build the first anomaly database on the blockchain. The booking process and NFT minting process is user-friendly, resulting in a contribution to the astro anomaly database and ownership of a unique NFT.

3 - AstroChain Central Hub

The ACC Hub is a metaverse platform that offers educational and research opportunities for space and astronomy enthusiasts. With a focus on high energy and innovation, the ACC Hub brings together a global community of individuals passionate about space and learning.

The ACC Hub provides a range of features and opportunities for people interested in the blockchain and NFTs, as well as influencers, speakers, photographers, designers, and more. The astro anomaly database is accessible to everyone, while membership to the ACC Hub, obtained through a paid SaaS license or by minting a membership NFT, provides access to additional features such as the ACC Hub Talk Forum and the ACC KIDSHub. The ACC KIDSHub provides educational opportunities for the next generation through gamification.