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The First AstroChain NFT Collection

Astro Token NFT Categories

Astronomical, 3D animated Astro Token Card NFTs that come with an innovative function utilising our first dApp feature - The AstroFeed!

500 NFTs, split into 10 categories of 50 based on what you can see and capture when you look up to the sky using a device like a telescope or with the naked eye.

  • Solar Planets
  • Airborne Objects
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Solar Moons
  • Luna Moon
  • Earth Clouds
  • Auroras
  • Stars
  • Orbiting Objects
  • Meteor Shower

This might be your only opportunity to get an Astro Token Card for a very popular category. Head on over to Discord to join the community and get your wallet on the Whitelist!

Holders of an Astro Token Card NFT will Receive a Royalty Every Time an NFT is Sold.

Every time an NFT minted on the AstroChain dApp feature The AstroFeed is sold, a royalty is distributed across all ATC NFT holders.

Example: AstroChain dApp user astroJane.eth uploads and mints a spectacular image of the Perseid meteor shower. astroJane.eth selected the category ''Meteor Showers'' when she uploaded and minted her content on the dApp feature - The AstroFeed. astroJane.eth lists and sells her NFT on for $250.00. From the sale, a royalty is distributed across all ATC NFT holders. astroJane.eth also added her own royalty, so its a win win for all involved on subsequent sales too!