Meet The Team

Meet The Team
We're not currently hiring at the moment. You can submit an interest in working with us here which may be used in the future.

Josh Habka - Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Habka is an analog astronaut, science communicator, biohacker, and CEO of Astrochain.

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Aadon Crouch - Chief Operational Officer, Trustee

Extremely passionate about space, science, and has an unquenchable thirst to create something great, something the human society can benefit from.

Aadon has a deep sense of responsibility, great critical thinking abilities and a keen sense of consciousness. He is a born leader, humble and always willing to learn and share with others.

Suzanne Evans - Chief Financial Officer

An award winning expert in financial transaction taxes impacting investment management, asset servicer and financial investor industries.

Entrepreneur in residence, fintech founder, proftech mentor and development partner.

Matthew Dykema - Web3 Developer

With an associates degree in aerospace tech and over 10 years experience in the digital world, building business ideas is Matthews passion, especially
when it comes to all things web.2 and web.3.

Matthew is the founder for 3 Web Labs, an active investor, entrepreneur and the creator that worked with Aadon Crouch to build the AstroChain dApp.

Tomas Imach - Blockchain Developer

Graduated in mechanical engineering, Tomas has worked on multiple Web3 projects in a short period of time. Tomas has shown abilities to overcome obstacles through creativity and innovation.

A big passion for the Web3 space over the last 12 months, he is delighted to be part of the AstroChain team and the bright future ahead.

Alfie Hanns - Full Stack Developer

Having an interest in Crypto and NFTs since early 2019, Alfie got his chance to work on an NFT project in late 2021.

Using his previous knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Alfie quickly learnt additional languages including React.JS which now allow him to build websites that easily integrate into the blockchain.

Viktor Vasianovy - Architect & Design

Graduating from the National Academy Of Fine Arts And Architecture in Ukraine and 9 years experience in 3D design.

Providing the ultimate user experience is what fills Viktor with joy and has had great delight in designing the AstroChain Central Hub base model ready for developments into the Metaverse.

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