Account Verification

Step 0 - Unverified

This is the default account state.

Required For:
- Uploading Content Off-chain
- Commenting on Content

Verify Now

Step 1 - Verify Identity

We'll need to verify your account to help prevent fraudulent activities to the AstroFeed™ catalog and AstroPrint™ preprint server. Make sure you're signed into the Astrochain dApp with an institutional or company-issued email to expedite the verification process.

Required For:
- Minting Content(Publishing Content on The Blockchain)
- Enhanced Credibility

Status: Unverified

Step 2 - Verify Notability

Verifying notability is advantageous if you are a generally well-known individual and/or have many citations on your paper(s) or demonstrated industry expertise in a particular skillset(s).

Required For:
- Waived Manual Review Process(Publish Blockchain-Powered Research in Seconds.)

Status: Unverified

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